Bénévoles recherchés / Volunteers needed

Bonjour à tous,

Le festival QuébeCrime fait peau neuve !  L’équipe s’agrandit et cherche des bénévoles pour l’aider à faire du prochain festival un succès retentissant !

Si vous êtes intéressés à nous faire profiter de vos talents, écrivez à vanessa@quebecrime.com en nous indiquant ce que vous pouvez apporter au festival.

De plus, si vous êtes ou connaissez un(e) programmeur web et / ou un(e) graphiste prêt(e) à aider le festival, faites-le nous savoir !

Hi folks, 

QuebeCrime is renewing itself! The team is increasing and need some volunteers to help us making the next festival a huge success!

If you’re interested you can bring your talents by writing at vanessa@quebecrime.com and telling us what you’ve got!

If you are or you know a web programmer and / or a graphic designer who would be willing to help us, please let us know!

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QuebeCrime 2013

Hello Everyone,
The Festival QuébeCrime / QuebeCrime Festival is taking a break this year. We are currently reorganizing the festival for future years. If you would like to help with the reorganization, contact Guy Dubois at guy@quebecrime.com
Thank you and we hope to see you all at next year’s festival!



Bonjour à tous,
Le Festival QuébeCrime n’aura malheureusement pas lieu cet année. Nous réorganisons présentement le festival pour les années à venir. Si vous désirez participer à la restructuration du Festival QuébeCrime, contactez Guy Dubois à guy@quebecrime.com.
Merci et nous espérons vous revoir au festival l’an prochain!

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Arthur Ellis Awards announced


Giles Blunt and Linwood Barclay were at the 2nd edition of the QuebeCrime writers Festival last October. We bring you the best.


“Giles Blunt was presented with the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis award for best novel for Until the Night (Random House Canada), beating out fellow crime fiction heavyweight Linwood Barclay’s Trust Your Eyes.

The awards recognize the best writing in the crime genre, including crime, detective, espionage, mystery, suspense, and thriller writing, as well as fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings.

The other winners are:

  • Best First Novel Simone St. James, The Haunting of Maddy Clare (New American Library)
  • Best Novella Lou Allin, Contingency Plan (Orca Books)
  • Best Short Story Yasuko Thanh, “Switch-blade Knife” in Floating Like the Dead (McClelland & Stewart)
  • Best Nonfiction Steve Lillebuen, The Devil’s Cinema: The Untold Story behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room (M&S)
  • Best French Book Mario Bolduc, La Nuit des albinos: Sur les traces de Max O’Brien (Libre Expression)
  • Best Juvenile/YA Book Shane Peacock, Becoming Holmes (Tundra Books)
  • Best Unpublished First Novel, a.k.a. The Unhanged Arthur Coleen Steele, Sins Revisited Derrick Murdoch Award Lyn Hamilton”

Quill & Quire Article

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QuébeCrime Festival and La Maison Anglaise on CNN!

La Maison Anglaise bookstore was one of the Top 7 favorite bookstores named in CNN’s web article this week!

CNN asked author Hilary Davidson, currently touring with her newest book Evil in All its Disguises, to name her favourite independant bookstores in North America. According to her “The stores that are succeeding offer a mix of author visits, staff recommendations and community outreach that’s impossible to replace.” Read CNN’s full article.

Hilary Davidson 2_screen

Those of you who attended the first QuebeCrime Festival in 2011 may remember Hilary Davidson. A new author with her first novel, the  Anthony Award Winner The Damage Done. Miss Davidson has since written two more novels featuring  travel writer Lily Moore as she struggles through difficult situations made up of obsession, paranoia, vengeance and murders.


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On vous écoute

Partagez votre expérience du Festival!
Vous avez aimé? Il y aurait quelquechose à améliorer? Nous sommes là pour vous écouter et faire de chaque nouvelle édition du Festival une expérience inoubliable! Un gros merci à Madame Marin de Baie-Comeau qui nous a fait part de ses commentaires:
Bien le bonjour Mr Dubois,
Je suis contente d’apprendre que vous allez tenir une 3e édition du Festival QuébeCrime… Super!
Selon les dates affichées dans le courriel de La Maison Anglaise,  il se tiendra du 24 au 26 octobre et avec un peu de chance j’y serai;  car j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à rencontrer les auteurs et encore plus à lire tous ces merveilleux livres.
Je vous souhaite donc d’avoir “tout plein” de collaborateurs autour de vous pour préparer et soutenir cette géniale activité.
A bientôt
Marie Sylvie Marin

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Gagnante du lecteur Kindle!

Mme Elizabeth PA Detailed Manilz de Cantley (Outaouais) est l’heureuse gagnante du lecteur Kindle offert par Dymaxicon, éditeur de David Swinson et le Festival QuébeCrime.

Le lecteur Kindle gagné par Mme Pilz est préchargé avec les livres suivants :

A Detailed Man de David Swinson

The Elements of Scrum  de Chris Sims & Hillary Louise Johnson

BeBop Garden de Ricki Grady

Shooting Stars de Hillary Louise Johnson

The Sushi King’s Daughter de Larry Kronish

The Queens of Montague Street de Nancy Rommelmann

Le tirage s’effectuait parmi ceux qui ont achetés leurs billets sur le site du festival, à La Maison Anglaise ou à la porte, la journée de l’événement.

Madame Pilz était également des nôtres pour la première édition du Festival l’an dernier. Félicitation Mme Pilz!

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Winner of the Kindle reader!

A Detailed ManMs Elizabeth Pilz of Cantley (Outaouais region in Quebec) is the lucky winner of the Kindle reader offered by Dymaxicon, David Swinson’s editor, and the  QuébeCrime Festival.

The Kindle reader won by Ms Pilz already has the following books dowloaded in it:

A Detailed Man by David Swinson

The Elements of Scrum  by Chris Sims & Hillary Louise Johnson

BeBop Garden by Ricki Grady

Shooting Stars by Hillary Louise Johnson

The Sushi King’s Daughter by Larry Kronish

The Queens of Montague Street by Nancy Rommelmann

The lucky winner was chosen among all those who had purchased QuébeCrime Festival tickets on the website, at the store or at the door of the events.

Ms Pilz was also with us during the first edition of the Festival last year. Congratulations Ms. Pilz!

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Comedic Crime writers!?

Fifty Shades of Mark BillinghamIf you didn’t come to the first event of the QuébeCrime Festival last night, you missed one heck of a show! We were surprised to discover many of the crime and mystery authors were comedians in disguise!

When Linwood Barclay  started the evening’s reading he decided instead to regale us with tales of hilarious typographical errors from his time working as a journalist.

Mark Billingham then followed by reading an extract from next year’s novel, a parody of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, keeping the audience in stitches. Billingham went on to discuss letters he received from readers criticizing the bad language in his books. Giles Blunt continued with anecdotes of his own fan mail wherein a reader told him  that the way his main character in his latest book treated a lady, was like getting a dirty phone call. The reader then proceeded to give him her phone number!

Ever wondered what night of the week is the slowest for a high-end prostitute? Well, after a short period of questions, Laura Lippman shared with us the intricacies of creating such a character with very little research material. Apparently it was very hard to get any first-hand information on the subject for the main character of her new book “And When she Was Good”. She did manage  to find out one thing: Friday is the slowest night of the week for a prostitute. Why? We’ll be posting a video extract of Laura Lippman’s explanation soon after the festival.

After Lippman read an extract from her book, it was Archer Mayor’s turn to make us cry with laughter with the anecdote of a case he had worked on a few months ago.  Dwayne, a bank robber in Vermont, tried to rob a bank with a brown paper bag and very little wits about him. Again, a video extract of this will be available soon.

To finish the evening Michael Robothom shared with us a touching anecdote of his relationship with Ray Bradbury. He then read an extract of his latest book “Say You’re Sorry” that kept everyone riveted. The last period of questions brought on some interesting debates about the use of the present and the past tense in novels, the evolution of main characters and their families in a series and the death penalty in real life.

We finished the night on a lighter note at the pub Le Saint-Patrick where we drank and talked with the authors. It was great fun! For those of you who missed out, there is still time to come to the other events of the festival. Tonight there are 2 events:

18:00-20:00 Anglophone Panel & Book signing: “The Drama of Everyday Life: Small Lives, Bigger Fears?”


20:30 -22:30 Anglophone Reading & Book signing

John CONNOLLY – Brian FREEMAN – Chris F. HOLM – Peter KIRBY – Robert POBI – David SWINSON

Videos extracts of thursday’s event will be posted online after the Festival.

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Starting with a Bang!

Our first special event of the second edition of the QuebeCrime festival was a great success!

This afternoon, Swedish author Mons Kallentoft payed a special visit to Cégep Garneau where he filled an auditorium so much, people were sitting on the steps to listen to him speak.

Among discussions of his life, the themes of his books and his career as an author, Kallentoft described his many rejections from editing houses. For about fifteen years he was rejected from one editing house after another until finally, he was accepted. His debut, Pesetas, was awarded the Swedish equivalent to the Whitbread Award. What followed was a series of critically acclaimed books that garnered both swedish and international praise!

Kallentoft also discussed how he decided to rejuvenate the stereotype of the forty-something male detective struggling with an addiction by transposing it to a 34 year old female. The first book in the series about superintendent Malin Fors received unanimous praise from the national critics; it also conquered the bestseller charts and has today sold more than 300,000 copies in Sweden alone.

Want to know more about Malin Fors or Mons Kallentoft? Join us at the Morrin Center tonight for the start of the festival! Check out the Crime Scene tab at the top of our web page.

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Get your QuébeCrime Festival tickets!

Are you coming to the festival? The QuébeCrime Festival starts tomorrow, Thursday October25th, with an Opening Cocktail at the Morrin Centre at 5PM. Captain Émile Trudel, Quebec’s Chief of Police from 1903 to 1939, will share with us a few anecdotes of his professional life, among which his involvement in the Blanche Garneau case, one of Quebec’s unsolved crimes. Several of QuebeCrime’s Most Wanted authors will be there.

Have you read John Connolly? Patrick Senécal? Mons Kallentoft? The thrill of the festival is getting to discover many great authors and meeting them in person. This year we have a great line-up of 23 international authors with events in French and in English. You can read the biography of most of the authors participating in the QuébeCrime festival by clicking on their image on this page.

Our main events are divided into discussion panels, where four to six authors will be discussing and debating specific subjects, and readings, where each author will read an extract from their latest book. In both cases you will get a chance to meet the authors and get your books signed. Books in French and in English will be available to purchase on location.

Ever wished you could be a member of a CSI team? Our special CSI activity will allow you to be part of a Crime Scene Investigation team and follow chemistry specialists as you investigate a (fake, we think…) crime scene and analyze the evidence to uncover the truth!

All the events of the QuébeCrime Festival take place at the Morrin Centre. The festival ends on Saturday October 27th with our last event beginning at 9PM. You can purchase your tickets at La Maison Anglaise bookstore or online today. When the festival starts, tickets will only be available at the door of the festival itself. Get your tickets now as places are limited.

We look forward to seeing you at QuébeCrime!

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